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Looking back

2020 was an exceptionally bad year, on this, I think we can all agree.

My wife and I started Roaming Mouse Travel in 2016.  Side note: my eleven long-time readers will recall that my wife is generally and accurately referred to as “Evil Boss Wife,” or EBW for short.  As I plan on blogging more in 2021, please note the reference going forward.

So when EBW and I embarked on creating this business, we had one goal: more Disney travel for our family. We always treated Roaming Mouse Travel as a real business, but it was supposed to be a “fun business.”

We have been wildly successful in achieving our simple goal.  Along the way we had the great honor and privilege of planning hundreds of Disney trips for our clients (seriously hundreds, I did the math).  In addition to working with so many great clients, we have built a very talented team of Travel Planners who share our vision and commitment to travel. Over the years, our little business grew into something that was not only fun, but very rewarding.

2020 was certainly not fun.

No one signs up to deal with a global pandemic.

We could not have foreseen what 2020 was going to be back in the good ole days of January 2020. From a business perspective 2020 was devastating to this little business (and many, many other small businesses).

We have always had an unwavering commitment to do the “right thing” for our clients, regardless of what that “thing” was. This year, the right thing was often cancelling trips, almost all of them.

Despite all that 2020 did to this business, we are still very blessed.  Clearly, the woes of owning a travel agency specializing in Disney destinations pale in comparison to the long list of 2020 calamities others have endured, and sadly continue to endure.  

Then, finally, we came to the end of 2020, the calendar changed over, and Roaming Mouse Travel survived.  Hurrah!


Looking Forward

Unfortunately, when the clock struck midnight on December 31st, 2020, the world was not instantly fixed. 

The calendar rolled from 2020 to 2021, and all the calamities of 2020 persist, at least for a little while. As it relates to the pandemic, I am extremely optimistic about the vaccines which are now starting to be administered. 

As our collective immunity improves, we will slowly inch back to life that resembles the glorious “normal” of January 2020.  It will take time, and obviously (unfortunately) I cannot predict the future. Though I am hopeful that we are now seeing the beginning of the end of this dreadful season. 

As we begin to return to normal, so will the Disney experiences that we all love and cherish.  The parades, fireworks, characters, shows – will all return.  The cruise line will sail again.  The new normal will slowly start to resemble the old normal. This is what I believe happens in 2021, it is what I have to believe will happen in 2021.   

Cheers to 2021

2021 Survey Results

As some of you know, we conducted a very informal, un-scientific survey.  The purpose of the survey was to get an anecdotal glimpse of how folks are feeling about Disney travel in 2021. I would not call my analysis scientific, but hopefully it is directionally accurate.  In other words, consider this as entertainment, not something you would quote on a term paper.

You may have even helped us by contributing to the survey, and if that is you, thank you for your participation.  Normally we would have offered some kind of prize or incentive to participate, but you know 2020

If nothing else, the results confirmed what I was already thinking, so that means they are almost certainly 100% accurate. Usually, I am right about things, though oddly EBW seems to disagree with this statement, vehemently.

TL; DR Results

  • 60% of respondents said they were planning a Disney Trip in 2021
  • 54% of folks are planning in going in Fall or “December”
  • 72% of the folks planning a trip intend to use Roaming Mouse Travel for planning

Planning a 2021 Disney Trip?

60% of respondents are planning a Disney trip in 2020. Given our audience(Disney travelers and enthusiasts, obviously) this was not a surprise. Given that same audience, there are still 40% who are not planning a trip in 2021. These folks may have lingering concerns about COVID restrictions and changes.

Indeed, when asked about “what might be holding a person back” from booking a Disney Trip mask requirements and concerns about overall value were both cited by 38% of respondents.   

We probably should have had a follow up question about 2022, but whatever.

When are you planning your trip?

As expected, the respondents planning a 2021 Disney trip are leaning towards later in the year. 67% are considering a trip “Summer or later” in 2021.

The concerns about “value” and “general covid stuff” are are likely why the majority of respondents are thinking about traveling later in the year. With the majority (54%) of respondents considering Fall/December 2021 vs earlier in the year.

I think it is reasonable to assume that we will be in a much better place related to the pandemic by Fall/December next year.  Presuming this is the case, then the next reasonable assumption is that Disney will be offering more of the “normal” Disney things. 

That is not to say Disney is not awesome right now, because it certainly is. Different, but still awesome.

30% of our respondents are considering (or are already booked) for this Spring.

Bar charts are fun

How are you planning your trip?

Finally, we asked folks how they would plan their 2021 trip.  I am happy to report that 72% of respondents said they would be using Roaming Mouse Travel.  In fairness, this was a survey posted on Roaming Mouse Travel facebook page(s). Given where the survey was posted, I would think folks would like us, but only 72%?  

There was some treachery in the responses. 10% saying they were using a different travel agent and 17% saying they were planning on their own. I guess I should remind myself that this is for entertainment, not scientific purposes right?

27% Hate Us

For the 10% using a different agency, I feel personally betrayed.  Actually, I am kidding, there are plenty of great Disney Travel Planners out there, and I can promise you that they all need clients right now.  If you are happy, I am happy (just a little hurt).

For folks planning your own trips, I would remind you that we are 100% free and you get the same price as booking direct.  We can be as involved or uninvolved as you like… you don’t lose control of your planning.  Just saying…

Again, thank you to everyone who participated in our survey.  It tells me that folks are still very interested in Disney travel, just waiting for right time to book.

Just Happy Kids making life long memories…no biggie

We are ready, when you are

We are ready to plan your next adventure, when you are ready to travel.

Being “ready to travel” is a deeply personal decision right now, and a decision each family must make for itself. This remains a fluid, ever evolving time, but what will never change is our commitment to helping your family plan the best possible vacation.

I am hopeful that 2021 will bring something that feels more normal back to our day to day lives, as well as to Disney Travel.

Shameless plug time…

If you are interested in planning a Disney Vacation with Roaming Mouse Travel, please click here. Also, tell your friends and family. We have largely built this business by word of mouth, and we appreciate all the support.

How you can help us…

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