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The Event!

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Hello Readers – in this short(ish) versions of Matt’s Musings we celebrate Events!

Also, you may notice the blog looks a little different.

This is because we are now a legitimate business with a grown up website.  We will always publish the blog link to Facebook, but when you want to reminisce about blogs of Christmas Past, you will should bookmark our new website.

The Event!

We have scheduled a fun even in January called “Let’s Talk Disney.”  The idea of this event is for folks who want to come meet Roaming Mouse Travel Planners to talk about any kind of Disney Vacation.

Bring all of your questions, and all of your friends.

You can pop in, and pop out, we don’t care, just show up!

We will have planning guides available as well as some other fun things:

  1. Prizes – yes, prizes.  Who doesn’t want a prize.  You do not need to be present to win, but you DO have to show up.  Working out the details here, but there will be multiple prizes.
  2. Food – yes, food.  Don’t expect us to feed you dinner, but we will have snacks and other delectable goodies.  Do not expect bread pudding though, I am keeping that all to myself.
  3. Kids Stuff – not sure what yet… probably a fun craft and a Disney movie playing.  Though hopefully your children will be occupied while we talk about some Disney Trips.

The event is January 24th, and all of the details are on Facebook.

CLICK HERE – Let’s Talk Disney!

Please let us know if you are interested!  I also promise I will mention this event about 1,134 more times.

Also, I will be signing autographs (for a small fee).

More Events!

We are planning some super awesome events in 2019.  Seriously, I am impressed with the things I can’t tell you about yet.

So just take my word for it… As things get solidified, you will be the first to know.

All eleven of you.

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