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Greetings dear readers!

The musings have been on a bit of a hiatus while I have busied myself with many other assorted tasks.

Naturally, we have a much to cover, so lets muse…

Quick reminder about how Roaming Mouse Travel works, in case you forgot, and so you can tell your friends, family, and that stranger behind you in the Target check out line:

  1. No Planning Fees – our planning services are free to you!
  2. Same price as booking with Disney/Universal directly – seriously transparent!
  3. We help you plan everything so that you can have a truly magical vacation!
  4. You are STILL eligible for promotions and discounts!
  5. YES, you can use Disney Gift Cards to pay!

(I added the exclamation points to illustrate my excitement, when you share this information with others please do not yell at them.)


Summer Vacation!

Most of you have likely already planned out your Summer vacations.  I get it, you are like us and plan things years in advance.  Though for those of you who like to live on the edge, we can still help you plan a great trip to Walt Disney World or Universal.

It is never too late!

2020 Trips!

We don’t know when 2020 packages will be released, but we are starting our list NOW.

So if you are thinking about a Disney Trip in 2020 please let us know.  We are happy to have a basic “let’s talk Disney” call prior to the 2020 packages being released.

Ask any of our clients, we are pretty awesome and not very “salesy.”  So if you just need some basic info, we are happy to chat.  Email Us!

2020 Cruises!

These we can get going now!  So if you are thinking about a Disney Cruise, which are truly amazing.  Lets talk now and get it planned.

Galaxy’s Edge

Yes, Galaxy’s Edge is opening at Hollywood studios in late August 2019.

In the spirit of true honesty, the below picture represents how I feel when I think about the crowds in Hollywood Studios later this year.

Fear, anxiety, trepidation…  also how I feel when asking EBW to go out on a date night.

Joking (not joking) aside, I can assure you that Galaxy’s edge will be an amazing experience, and I am super excited to visit.  We will share more details as we get them, and will have some early “on the ground” knowledge when it opens to share as well.

I think if you want to visit Galaxy’s Edge this year then we need to talk immediately.  I suspect we will see Walt Disney World largely sell out in October/November/December.

A potential silver lining, is  that the other parks will be less crowded as a function of Galaxy’s Edge.  Time will tell how that idea plays out.

Best in the Valley

Apparently you can nominate us for the best in the valley thing again.

First you nominate, and then you vote later.

We appreciate your support, so if you are nominating your hair dresses or where you get your nails done… throw us a nomination/vote.

Make Matt Great Again (MMGA)

As my 11 long-time readers know, I had elective surgery on my ankle in August 2018.  My recovery from this surgery has essentially been a hot mess of epic proportions.

Here is where I stand (poor choice of word)…

  1. Still in Physical Therapy
  2. Cannot walk very well, and not without a limp
  3. Stairs are almost impossible
  4. Pain

That being said, I have decided that I cannot continue to eat slabs of cheese cake for lunch and dinner.  While food is basically my one true friend who makes me happy, it also causes me to grow more rotund.

I am starting, albeit slowly, the process of improving my diet and incorporating what little exercise I can do back into my life.  My first move is to completely eliminate sugar, and by sugar I mean anything that I know has sugar in it… like cheesecake, bread pudding, dump cake, regular cake, snicker doodles, ice cream, etc…  the basic foods you eat for lunch and dinner.

I am “swimming” at the Y at least twice a week now.  By swimming, I mean imitating an injured manatee.

Next, I will be severely limiting my consumption of bread and  carb heavy things, which I will probably kick of by going down the dark path of a juice cleanse.  Basically I will be eating fruit, vegetables, hummus, twigs, and maybe some peanut butter.

Based on these efforts, I should be “European bathing suit” ready by our cruise in July.  [Good luck getting that image out of your head]

Matt Potpourri

This is my favorite part of this blog because I get to just muse about whatever disjointed thing is in my head at a given moment.

  1. Sorry about Luke Perry.  I wonder if EBW will be equally upset when I am gone or will it be less?  It certainly will not be more.
  2. Went into the steam room at the YMCA.  I did not appreciate how hot it would be in there, which in retrospect makes me wonder what I thought it would be like in there if not super hot?
  3. Contemplating a trip to Hawaii in 2020.  Seems like something we should do.
  4.  I miss Blockbuster.  Going to a blockbuster and getting the last VHS Copy of Titanic was an accomplishment.  There are so few little things that feel like a win anymore.  Except for mobile ordering Starbucks from the line to virtually jump ahead of the people you are standing right behind.  Not only is that an accomplishment, it just feels good.


If you would like plan a vacation with us please fill out this form! 

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