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Progress Begins

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Hey all you cool cats and kittens (never gets old), how goes pandemic life?

Thanks for reading our blog this week, and in this installment I will give a quick park opening update and tell you three ways this this house of crazy is dealing with the pandemic (one of which you may want to consider).

Before all that, I would like to again express our gratitude to all essential workers.  Thank you for all that you are doing. 

Progress is Good

We are definitely seeing progress towards the country re-opening.

As it relates to Disney, the good news is that Disney Springs is doing a re-opening with restrictions later this month.  While it is a great first step, this is not a “back to normal” kind of reopening, instead there will be substantial limitations and restrictions, inclusive of requiring guests to where face masks. 

While I hope our “new normal” will eventually NOT involve face masks and other annoying restrictions – the reopening of Disney Springs is very much the fist step towards the re-opening all of Walt Disney World.

Re-opening was never going to be a be a “big splash event” with everything immediately going back to the way it was.  While I would prefer a big splash event, such as any time I enter a pool, we will all need to be patient while we work towards normalcy. 

We should also not assume that the initial opening restrictions and limitations at Disney Springs will be our “new-normal.” I do not think the “May restrictions” will be the same restrictions imposed for the rest of the year. I do suspect the Disney Springs re-opening restrictions are a good indication of some of the restrictions to expect at the Parks when they re-open. Though we won’t know for sure, until we are told by Disney.

I anticipate Walt Disney World Parks to re-open either in mid/late June or July.  I no longer think the parks will be opened by June 1st

Unfortunately, we don’t have a solid update on Disney Cruise Line, and I suspect we are still a few months away from cruises sailing. 

All that being said, we can all enjoy the small, yet meaningful victory of Disney Springs opening. 

Fireworks will Return

Coping, kind of…

Everyone is dealing with this nightmare in different ways.  For example, allegedly some people are eating healthy and exercising… we are not those people.

While we are doing okay here at the mouse house, I would like to highlight three ways we are coping.  

We got a puppy

Perhaps not the most conventional coping mechanism, and perhaps not the best idea – but whatever, we got a puppy. 

Introducing Maggie May.


She enjoys biting me, soiling the carpet, and short walks around the block. 

Occasionally she barks. 

I don’t necessarily recommend you go out and get a puppy. 

Reverse Hibernation

I have seen enough movies about bears to know that they tend to eat a lot before taking a nice long winter nap. Then emerge during the first warmth of spring, partially emaciated and likely very rested.  Side note: if you live in the tundra hell scape of Western PA – you know our spring was more like second winter, than spring.

I digress…

I have long been jealous of how much sleep bears get.

Unlike a traditional bear – I am fattening myself up to emerge from hibernation.  Although, my pandemic hibernation has not involved much sleep.  Right now, I am just eating everything, and I don’t even care. 

By the time this is over, I should be able to sleep for 3 years.

Typical, post breakfast, pre-brunch snack

Vacation Planning

We are going to Disney World!

No seriously, we are going.

We booked our own trip for November, and we could not be more excited about actually planning something fun.  We have zero idea what the world will look like in November, and there is definite uncertainty about what Disney will be like post-pandemic. Nonetheless, we are planning a trip anyway.

In fact, planning a vacation has been extremely enjoyable for us.  Putting something on the distant horizon to look forward to feels great. 

Side note:  As I have said before, I personally won’t wear a mask in Walt Disney World, though earlier in the quarantine I said we weren’t getting a puppy.  So… 

Also as mentioned above,  I am hopeful that as we ease into reopening the country the initial restrictions/limitations will be rolled back.  


How I miss this sign…

Should you plan a vacation?

Ultimately, everyone has to make their own decisions about travel in the post-pandemic world.  There will obviously be some COVID-19 considerations for some time to come, and you should consider your own situation before traveling.

That being said, let’s discuss Disney …

Booking a Walt Disney World Resort package requires a $200 deposit.  The deposit is fully refundable until when your final payment is due.  This means you can book a magical Disney Vacation (preferably with us), and then if you are not comfortable with traveling (when the time comes) – you can cancel or reschedule your trip accordingly. 

The point is you can STILL plan a vacation, and you can STILL change your mind after you book it. That is something to think about….

Here is a question to ponder – do you have any regrets about the vacations you took before the pandemic?  For me, the opposite is true – I regret the vacations we DID NOT take, because now we may not have the same options we had before. 

You only 18 years before your kids are not legally required to speak to you…

2021 Disney Packages

It is time to start thinking about 2021 Disney Vacations.  Despite everything, we anticipate being able to book 2021 packages in late June. If you are interested in Disney trip, please reach out to us via this link and we can start the conversation.

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