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Mayhem and Merriment

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Hello Readers!

Time for a blog celebrating the merriment and mayhem of this joyous season. Was it always this way? Was the holiday season always so chaotic?  Have we forgotten how to enjoy this wonderful time of year?

Here are some suggestions to take a little bit of  mayhem out of your Christmas season…

  1. Turn off the TV and sit by your tree with all the lights off.  I know, this may require you to miss some of your  favorite Hallmark Movie (spoiler alert: she ends up with the guy and continues to somehow make a sensible living despite rarely working in the quaint town of Snow Globe or Pine Needle or whatever).  Though there is too much noise in our lives, make your night silent(er).
  2. Eat all the Food.  Seriously, who cares, eat what you want.  As I have learned food and elastic are my true friends, and bread budding is basically my mistress.
  3. Think less about the Elves.  I absolutely abhor our Elves… and when they ran away earlier this week because our kids were being so wretched, I DID NOT MISS THEM.  Elves just have to move once in awhile, they do not need a stage show.
  4.  Skip something, like a party you don’t want to go to anyway.  No one says you have to do everything… and yet we try to do everything.  So give yourself a gift, and just opt out of something.  Believe me, you will be glad you did.
  5. Accept Others for who they are.  For example. my wife will always be both evil and bossy, and that is something I will never be able to change about her.  So I accept her for who she is.  Just like she accepts the fact that I chew, snore, and swallow loudly.  Just kidding, she accepts none of these things about me.

Remember Our Event!

We are having our first event of 2019 on January 24th.  We will be talking a lot more about this, but please mark your calendars and plan to come see us on January 24th.  There have been several requests for live readings of Matt’s Musings, as well as autograph sessions with yours truly.  I would remind you all that there is only so much of me, and I can’t walk so well (still).

Click this link to follow the event on Facebook:  Let’s Talk Disney!


Make Time For Adventure

Don’t forget the best “things” in life are not actually “things.”

It may sound corny, but it is also true.

Here are Roaming Mouse Travel we all have a passion for planning family vacations.  So don’t forget that giving experiences is better than whatever nonsense the kids want this year. Oh, and tell your friends, family, colleagues, etc about us.  Thus ends the shameless plug, but we all know it had to be done.



Matt’s Favorite Things – Edition 2

As the seven of you who faithfully read this blog know, a few weeks ago I published the first installment of my favorite things.  Now it is time for the second, and likely last installment of this year.

Stairs in my House – As most of you know I have been limping around on a defective foot as a result of a surgery I had in August (yes four months ago, 1/3 of a year of this nightmare).  Given my  slow recovery, stairs, are particularly challenging.  Though in the mouse house there is one bonus of going very slowly up and down the stairs.  I get to look at my wedding picture, and by that I mean Evil Boss Wife looking all kinds of fine.  Very enjoyable.

Planning Trips – it is helpful that i do this for a lot of the people reading this, but I also really enjoy doing it with our own family.  We definitely are into this “travel thing.”

Cookies from  Beaver Bagel Co – Seriously, there is nothing better.  Since we have all agreed we are okay with “letting ourselves go,” I will be making a visit down there soon, during which I will politely request:  “ALL the cookies please.”




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