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Hello Folks… it has been almost a month since our last installment of Matt’s Musings, but don’t worry this edition is going to be super-sized.

Discover the Magic Tour 2019

Disney Destinations produces a roadshow each year where Disney Travel Planners are invited to attend an event to learn about all the new and exciting things happening at the various Disney Destinations.

The wife and I were fortunate to get invited to one of these events this year.  Also, it was quite fortunate that for the first time in 22 years one of these events made a stop in the Pittsburgh area.

Wife Holding it down

To put it mildly, Disney continues to invest in its properties in an effort to make their guest’s experiences even more magical.  The big reveals of the evening were definitely all Star Wars related, and I will cover that in detail in another section.

Not Keto Friendly

We did a thing…

A quick thank you to everyone who attended our Dumbo Movie event in March.  It was a lot of fun to get folks together to that event, and we think everyone really enjoyed it.

We know that tickets were hard to get, in fact we sold out of tickets twice.  The first time it took about 30 minutes, the second time after we bought more seats and upgraded to a bigger theater it took about an hour.  If you didn’t get tickets to this event,  I hope we can still be friends.

The good news is that we are already planning our next movie event, and we plan on getting the biggest theater they have, which I believe seats over 250… so we will about a hundred more tickets to give away.

Best picture I could get.

2020 List!

We are a small company, but we are growing.  We have a great team of Travel Planners all of whom are excited to help you plan a magical vacation.  We are already putting together our 2020 list, and if you are interested in a FREE planning meeting please email us.

Even if you are on the fence, or you think you can’t afford it, or whatever your reason you have nothing to lose in speaking with us.  We are terrible sales people, and there is never any pressure.  You might be surprised what we can plan together.


The Ketosis

Long time readers, the fine eleven (as I call you) know that I occasionally attempt to improve myself via dieting and exercising and foot surgery (more on that below).  Wife (note: she has been demoted from Evil Boss Wife to just Wife for purposes of this blog) and I have started a for real crazy diet.  We are doing the Keto.

How we feel.

I haven’t had many romantic moments in my life.  The few romantic moments that I have had usually involve me enjoying the company of bread pudding.  Apparently, unlike all other diets, bread pudding is not allowed on a Keto Diet.  Therefore, love is dead.

However, I can eat as much bacon as a I like.  As the fine eleven (TFE, is this a thing now?) know I enjoy eating things in slab, bucket, or brick form.  So that is something.

Quick review: 

Allowed on Keto…
Not Allowed on Keto….

We did another thing…

For our readers in and around Beaver we sponsored  some kind of “Kids baseball team.”   I am not sure which team, so if you reading this, and your kid is on our team please let me know.  Does that make us the owner of that team?  Do we get special seats if we go watch that team play?

When/if I figure out who is on our team I will post a picture of the Roaming Mouse Travel branded jersey.


Star Wars!

Okay, let’s talk about Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge!

Some of you may only be reading this blog for this section, which why I put it towards the end (#clever).

As previously mentioned, the Discover the Magic Tour we attended had a lot of good information about Galaxy’s Edge.  I am going to focus on a few things which I think may be less widely reported in other blogs and elsewhere, as well as provide our general impression of the new land.

I took a picture of a picture for you.

Maximum effort is happening

What is abundantly clear is Disney is putting in its best possible effort to make Galaxy’s Edge the new standard in immersive theme park experience.  If you have visited the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal you know what an amazingly detailed and immersive environment  (especially Diagon Alley) Universal created, and Disney is basically saying “…hold my mickey ears, watch this…” with Galaxy’s Edge  [You know we can help you with Universal too right?]

Examples of Maximum Effort Happening

  1. your experiences within the story of Galaxy’s Edge will be directly impacted by the choices you make.  Characters and environments will change based on your decision making while being immersed within the story, e.g. choose your own adventure.  I have no idea how this will play in real time, but the idea is really cool to me.
  2. All venues are specifically designed to be part of the story as well.  The food and merchandise is specific to Galaxy’s Edge, and will not deviate from the story.  For example, I don’t believe you will be able to buy a normal bottle of water, instead you will be able to buy a water container like they would drink from in the Star Wars universe.

The overall level of detail will be unprecedented.


This is one that I am really into, and I am not sure how I feel about that.  Unlikely anywhere else in Walt Disney World, you will ONLY be able to buy things specific to Galaxy’s Edge that will have the appearance as if they were hand made or otherwise crafted within the Star Wars Universe.

You will not be able to buy action figures for example, or other random plastic do-dads.  It is all theme specific to that exact story.  Universal started down this path with the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, specifically the wand shops, though Disney appears to be taking this to the next level.

I am really kind of excited about this, and I am not sure why.  Perhaps because it is such a radical idea to essentially design and create customized merchandise which is specifically part of the overall experience.

No Guarantees 

This is a big one, and I will use disclaimer language on literally everything Disney does or says about Galaxy’s Edge.  They KNOW it is going to cause the park to be over capacity, and therefore are saying that there is no guarantee you will be able to visit the park on a given day.  In other words, we now need to plan for multiple days just in case you can’t get in on your preferred day (or days).  I think this is exactly why they are NOT allowing Fastpasses yet for the Smugglers Run (first attraction to open).

That being said, how can we guarantee you entry to the park to visit Galaxy’s Edge?  I have two possible ideas:

  1. Pre-park opening dining reservation at Hollywood and Vine – simply put if the park opens at 9AM, and you are having breakfast IN THE PARK at 8AM then you are in.  All of our clients know how much we love early morning park breakfasts, and I think this may be a winning strategy.  Of course, I am sure I am not the only to think of this idea.
  2. Any kind of hard-ticketed event like Early Morning Magic.  I am wondering if there will be specific specially ticketed events for Galaxy’s Edge.  Though basically any strategy to get you in the park before it opens should work.  Likewise, any strategy to get you (or keep you) in the park after it closes should also work.

Needless to say, we will be working hard to help our clients navigate Galaxy’s Edge.

I took a second picture of a picture for you.

Matt’s Foot

The Fine Eleven (TFE – totally a thing now) – probably want to know the update on my ill-fated foot surgery, or should I say (at this point) how my ill-fated recovery is going.

It has been a long terrible journey, and unfortunately I am still on it.  Right now I am hoping by August, a full year after the surgery, I will be able to say I am 100% recovered.

At the moment, I am still struggling.

My Foot… filled with metal.



We are turning three years old in May.  I will probably write an incessantly self-focused blog about our business and use really annoying words like “journey” and “side-gig” and say annoying things like “Thank you.”  So look forward to that.

I look like a goblin.


Not to be demanding, but if you would like our team to help you plan a Disney Trip please let us know by completing the below form.

As always… there is never a fee for working with us, and you get a whole bunch of service and expertise.

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