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Galaxy’s Edge – Review!

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We have an exclusive review of Galaxy’s Edge from someone who has actually been there!  We will be visiting Galaxy’s Edge in November, but for now our friend David McCaslin is going to tell you all about his experience.

Galaxy’s Edge Review

Words/Pictures by David McCaslin…

As annual pass holders to Disneyland for the past few years, my wife and I knew Galaxy’s Edge was coming.  As a huge Star Wars fan, I was looking forward to this day for a long time.  Disneyland, expecting huge crowds, creating a reservation system for the first three weeks of land’s opening.  Disneyland was extremely smart to do this.  It controlled crowds and created for an enjoyable experience.

We were able to get a reservation for 8am-12pm on Saturday, June 7th.  After a relatively straightforward check-in process, we were escorted to the Galaxy’s Edge entrance.  As we were walking to the entrance and I saw how many people were in reservation queue, I was concerned that it would be really packed. It turns out I was wrong.  Once everyone spreads out, it is quite nice.

Once we got inside, there are one of four things people tend to do:

  1. Go to Oga’s Cantina to get in or get on the virtual queue.
  2. Go to Smuggler’s Run ride.
  3. Go to Droid Depot to build your own droid.
  4. Go to Savi’s Workshop to build a custom lightsaber.


We opted for option one.  At 8:05am, there was already a 90-minute wait for the Cantina.  Staff would text us when it was space for us.  In the meantime, we rode Smuggler’s Run which only had a 20-minute wait.

Basically, you are part of a six-person crew (two pilots, two gunners, and two engineers) who fly the Millennium Falcon on a mission.  Even waiting in the line is a cool experience as you can see the attention to detail.  Right before your flight crew boards, you wait in the galley of the Falcon and get to sit in spaces you’ve seen in the movies.

Our wait for the Cantina turned out to be only an hour.  It is really amazing to walk through the Cantina but without having a booth, you are stuck standing around at the bar.  Since it was 9am, we opted not for an alcoholic drink but just took the opportunity to take pictures.

During the rest of our time there, we walked around, visiting the shops, and took pictures.  There were plenty of Disneyland photographers around.  The droid shop and lightsaber workshop were really cool to look at but building a droid/lightsaber can get quite expensive ($100/$200 respectively).  Because Disneyland controlled the number in each reservation period, we really could see and do everything we wanted with minimal wait.  In fact, we left Galaxy’s Edge at 11am to head over to California Adventure.


Overall, it was really amazing to see all of the detail they put into this space.  Even the cast members are part of the experience.  They use Star Wars-esque phrases and refer to everyone as “travelers” to this far away land.  The only downsides are that the second ride (Rise of the Resistance) was not open yet and that once the reservation period ends, Galaxy’s Edge will be far more crowded.

Matt here again, first thank you David for taking the time to write that review of your experience and take those pictures.  We are all getting super excited for Galaxy’s Edge!

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