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Hello Readers!

For those of you in the frozen tundra of Western PA I hope you are enjoyed being snowed in…. oh wait, where is the snow?  I mean, I put salt down for this “event,” and now it seems to be cancelled.  Such a disappointment. (EDITED 1/21: okay fine, some snow eventually showed up).

Sparking Joy

Evil Boss Wife has spent most of the day trying to be tidy, and eliminating stuff which does not immediately “spark joy.”  I, on the other hand, have been trying to avoid EBW so that I am not eliminated.

Although you should see my underwear drawer… amazingly tidy.

That being said, something that does spark joy is planning a family vacation.  I am here to tell you that Disney REALLY wants to fill rooms before Galaxy’s Edge opens some time later this year.

We are still finding people free dining deals AND room discounts. 

So if you are thinking about traveling before 9/30 of this year NOW is the time to get to booking…  email us


Let’s Talk Disney!

If you haven’t registered for our event next week (Thursday, January 24th), then what are you waiting for?  you can register here: Let’s Talk Disney Registration

Of course, you don’t have to register to come by and enjoy the event…

A couple details:

  1. Door Prizes – We have a Target Gift Card, Starbucks  Gift Card, and some plushies to give away.
  2. Book That Night – $25 Disney Gift Card on the spot if you book your trip that night… plus an additional gift… a mystery gift… though don’t get your hopes up too big.
  3. There will be a craft  and movie station for the kids.
  4. Food… maybe some of my left over junk food I bought to make it through this non-existent snow storm.


General questions I am pondering…

  1. What happens to the Hallmark channel after Christmas?
  2. Why isn’t it snowing?
  3. Why doesn’t every restaurant serve bread pudding?
  4. What will happen to Flight of Passage wait times after Galaxy’s Edge opens?  Will they go down dramatically, or will there be no noticeable impact because Galaxy’s Edge will draw in many non-traditional Walt Disney World visitors?
  5. Why can’t I grow a proper beard? Because if I did, I think I could look more like James Corden, which would be great.  Although he has magnificent hair… me not so much.

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