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It is time to party like it is 2019, well almost…  We have the release date for 2019 Packages, and it is June 19th!

Naturally, because of good business planning, we will be on a Disney Cruise on the 19th.

If we have previously spoken you should have received either an email or Facebook message from us. If you were expecting to hear from us, but haven’t… well first let me apologize.  Secondly, please reach out to us ASAP by clicking here 2019 Meeting

As Disney Planning never stops, we will be working hard from our cruise ship, and scheduling meetings with folks for 2019 bookings.

Good Business Planning

This blog will be a Q & A about 2019 bookings with

Roaming Mouse Travel, LLC


How will 2019 Bookings work? 

We will schedule a 1 on 1 meeting with you to talk about your trip, and to discuss what options are best suited for your family / budget.

All of our planning is completely customized and tailored for your specific trip.  Generally we do these meetings over the phone, and they last about an hour.

How much does it cost to book?

Disney packages require a $200 deposit, which goes directly to Disney.

This $200 is fully refundable up to the due date of your trip, and you can cancel at any time, for any reason.  ALL money goes straight to Disney, we facilitate your booking payments, but Disney gets all of the cash (they are very good at getting your cash). You won’t be required to make any additional payments until your due date which is about a month before your arrival date.

Why should I book with you?

Because we are awesome, and you will love us. Ask anyone.

Why should I book with you, seriously?

We are intensely client focused, and will assist you with planning ALL aspects of your Disney trip.

Perhaps most importantly working with us costs you NOTHING.  This means FREE, and I do mean FREE.  You will pay the exact same price booking with us, as booking with Disney directly.  Though because you were smart and booked with us you get ALL of our expert service and planning (again for free).

We will have at least three(3) planning meetings with you, and more meetings if required.  Additionally, we are always available to our clients for any questions or concerns.

After our planning meetings, you will fee completely prepared for a Magical Walt Disney World Vacation!

Celebrating One Year of Planning Magic! Join us!

Why else should I book with you?

  1. Visit our Facebook page, read our reviews here: Roaming Mouse Facebook
  2.  Additionally, we are highly specialized, Disney experts.  We only work with Disney Destinations, Disney Cruise Line, and Universal.  Our focus on just these destinations helps us provide you with excellent planning services.

What about payment plans?

Of course you can pay your trip off over time.  We do this with our clients all of the time.

Disney Gift Cards?

Yep, our clients use them all of the time to pay off their trips.  Our record is 67 gift cards for one trip, please do not try to break the record (or do).

Our favorite kind of gift card

What about promotions?

YES, we can modify your reservation when promotions become available.  There is no cost to you for a modification prior to paying your balance off in full.

Though a word of warning on Disney Promotions, we have ZERO clue as to what the 2019 promotions will look like, and even less of a clue if they will be applicable to your trip dates.  We can ONLY promise you that we will attempt to get you a promotion, but we can never make any guarantees about getting you a promotion.

If it is free to work with you, then why are you doing this?

Great question, and the answer is Disney does pay us a commission for all of the trips we plan.  In exchange for this commission we manage and plan your trip so that you do not need to call up Disney yourself.  We definitely work hard for our clients, though don’t be impressed, no one is getting rich planning Disney Trips.

Disney Cruises too? 

Yes, we can most definitely help you plan a Disney Cruise.

What else should I know?

We are terrible sales people.  Seriously.  There is never any pressure with us, and we pride ourselves on giving great planning advice.  We don’t really do “up-selling,” and we are perfectly happy about that.

Even if you schedule a meeting with us, and decide NOT to book, we can still be friends.

I am ready, let’s meet….


Also, find us on Facebook, message us there if you prefer.




Disclaimer: Roaming Mouse Travel is the trade name of Roaming Mouse Travel, LLC .  Roaming Mouse Travel is an authorized Disney Vacation Planner.

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