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Progress Begins

Hey all you cool cats and kittens (never gets old), how goes pandemic life? Thanks for reading our blog this week, and in this installment I will give a quick park opening update and tell you three ways this this house of crazy is dealing with the pandemic (one of which you may want to consider). Before all that, I would like to again express our gratitude to all essential workers.  Thank you for all

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Galaxy’s Edge – Review!

We have an exclusive review of Galaxy’s Edge from someone who has actually been there!  We will be visiting Galaxy’s Edge in November, but for now our friend David McCaslin is going to tell you all about his experience. Galaxy’s Edge Review Words/Pictures by David McCaslin… As annual pass holders to Disneyland for the past few years, my wife and I knew Galaxy’s Edge was coming.  As a huge Star Wars fan, I was looking

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Can you see 2020?

Hello folks… as always we have a lot to cover and it has been far too long since I last mused for you. While I am sure your disappointment was actually minimal, I am going to pretend that you missed me. 2020 Vacation Planning Some of you are being coy with your 2020 plans… we are building lists of folks who want to travel in 2020, but I am certain some of you are holding

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Make time for Adventure!

Hello Folks… it has been almost a month since our last installment of Matt’s Musings, but don’t worry this edition is going to be super-sized. Discover the Magic Tour 2019 Disney Destinations produces a roadshow each year where Disney Travel Planners are invited to attend an event to learn about all the new and exciting things happening at the various Disney Destinations. The wife and I were fortunate to get invited to one of these

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Spring Fling

Greetings dear readers! The musings have been on a bit of a hiatus while I have busied myself with many other assorted tasks. Naturally, we have a much to cover, so lets muse… Quick reminder about how Roaming Mouse Travel works, in case you forgot, and so you can tell your friends, family, and that stranger behind you in the Target check out line: No Planning Fees – our planning services are free to you!

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