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Can you see 2020?

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Hello folks… as always we have a lot to cover and it has been far too long since I last mused for you.

While I am sure your disappointment was actually minimal, I am going to pretend that you missed me.

2020 Vacation Planning

Some of you are being coy with your 2020 plans… we are building lists of folks who want to travel in 2020, but I am certain some of you are holding back.  Please, even if you are only partially serious about it… let’s talk.

Please get on our list, and we will contact you directly.

Click Here to get on the 2020 List!

But wait there’s more… 2020 Booking Contest

We are working on a 2020 booking contest, details to be released soon… Basically to enter you have to book a 2020 Trip with any Roaming Mouse Travel Planner. We should be able to book 2020 trips next month, so please let us know you are interested.



I took our monstrous children to see Aladdin today while Evil Boss Wife worked on house things and watched re-runs of Sex and the City.  I have to tell you the movie was actually pretty good.  I honestly expected it to be a dumpster fire.  I was pleasantly surprised.

Though I was most intrigued by one of the trailers…  you know those things they show prior to the movie to entice you to see other movies?

Well, there is a movie coming out in August called The Art of Racing in the Rain.

What struck me about the trailer for this movie is that it was clearly placed in front of Aladdin for the moms.

Here is my evidence:

  1. It stars that dad-snack from This is Us
  2. There were numerous gratuitous scenes of a super cute dog as both a puppy and a grown dog
  3. There were numerous gratuitous scenes of the aforementioned dad-snack holding, driving, and just generally hanging around with the super cute dog as both a puppy and a grown dog

Pretty much… I rest my case.  Enjoy ladies, enjoy.

I consider myself more of a dad-buffet, as opposed to just a snack.


More Galaxy’s Edge Details

Details keep trickling out about Galaxy’s Edge, and I have a couple of updates.

Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run

There are people who have now experienced Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run, and as you expected the reviews are all glowing.  We *should* have our own opinion after we visit in November, but from what I have read it is essentially the next “greatest attraction ever” supplanting Flight of Passage.

Though I do have one concern…  when you “experience it” you are supposed to select some kind of job to do while flying the Millennium Falcon.  I am going to be straight with you, I need less work, not more.

Also, if you do a bad job at whatever job you pick, then you will be mocked and ridiculed throughout the remainder of your stay in Galaxy’s Edge.  Seriously, if you mess up, the residents and presumably robots throughout the land will know it, and you will hear about it.

In addition to needing less work in my life, I need less mocking and ridicule (you reading this evil boss wife?).  Though I also read you can put the experience on Auto-Pilot, and not have the pressures of competently flying a space ship while on vacation.



It is super weird, but this is what I am most excited about.  Apparently you can build your own droid and/or light saber in an immersive, interactive experience.  The light saber will cost $199, with the droid’s costing $99. Let that sink in…

All I can tell you is this man-child will be buying at least one of those things.  I suspect I am not alone.

I will have some more Galaxy’s Edge details in next week’s blog…

Other Things Disney

The Disney Skyliner is slated to open this fall.

The Skyliner will provide a new means of transportation for Art of Animation, Pop Century, Caribbean Beach Resort and the Riviera(newly opened) connecting these resorts with EPCOT and Hollywood Studios.  This means, you will have a different transportation option  when staying at these resorts  for when you visit those parks.

In our view this is a major enhancement for Art of Animation, Pop Century, and Caribbean Beach Resort.

Though I think it makes Caribbean Beach Resort the most attractive moderate resort option.  Caribbean Beach Resort was just refurbished last year so it has that “new resort smell,” and with this new means of transportation I think it is a winner.

Something to think about for 2020.

Matt Potpourri

This is an assortment of whatever random things occur to me…

  1. I recently learned what “shoop” or “to shoop” actually means.  I was so sheltered.
  2. There is no way the KETO diet is actually good for you.  Though it seems to be working for us.  I am hoping to lose a certain number of pounds before our Disney Cruise in July.  THEN only gain back [whatever I previously lost] – 5 pounds.  I am not going to diet on a Disney Cruise.  That is just gross. I suspect I will be doing this diet the remainder of the year.

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