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Hello intrepid readers, I am back to both amuse and educate you.

Snack Attack

Disney is raising snack prices, substantially.

I won’t bore you with the math, but Disney is hiking the prices on many snacks an additional 50 cents up to a dollar.

The obvious question is what does this mean for the dining plan?  Well, as best as I can tell the Dining Plan Prices are locked in for 2019.  So presumably if you have the 2019 Dining Plan (which many of our clients do), this snack price increase represents more value to you since you are locked in at a lower price point.  [How is that for spin?]

If you are paying out of pocket, and want certain snacks, like a Mickey Pretzel, well be prepared to pay a little more.  I don’t view this as a big deal until it impacts bread pudding.

Dole Whip, Dole Whip, Dole Whip


Later this month Disney is rolling out a new ticket only purchasing scheme whereby depending on WHEN you are visiting the parks your ticket prices will vary.  From what I have seen, the portal for purchasing tickets under this new scheme is a little convoluted, but not terribly complex.  It does require more clicking.

The easiest way, at least in my view, to look at this change is that this is another way to gauge projected crowds.  Disney will charge more for tickets (as they do for resort rooms), when crowds are expected to be higher.  So if the tickets you are looking at are the lowest price of the year (same with resort rooms), then it is relatively safe to assume the crowds will be manageable.

The thing to remember is that everything Disney does as it relates to ticket prices, resort costs, and even promotions is all about supply and demand.  If the demand is high, then prices will go up, and if the demand is not there, well prices go down, and some times they release promotions.  Disney only does promotions when they need to fill rooms, and if the rooms are full, they won’t do a promotion.  This same logic and approach applies to the Disney Cruise Line as well, there is seldom a public discount on a Disney Cruise, because the staterooms are typically filled without one.

So worth it though… 


Best in the World

Thank you voters, the results of the “2018 Best in the Valley” awards are in, and Roaming Mouse Travels (NOTE: not the name of our business) was declared to be a FINALIST.

Ignoring for a moment, that our certificate and related media appearances do not correctly name our business…

We do appreciate those of you who took the time to vote for us.  We ran a spirited campaign, and are proud of our little business.  


Not being satisfied with being a finalist, I created a contest called “Best in the World  Travel Planner.”  I am the chairman of the board of this organization, its only member, and the only person who is allowed to vote for winners.

Turns out, we won!  Our prestigious trophy is displayed below.  It is amazing to be honored as the best in the world.  I am liking our chances for next year too.

Our “Best in the World” Trophy, as voted on by ME

Walking and less stench complaints

For those of you keeping track, I am now 8.5 weeks past my first foot and ankle surgery.  I am “walking” in a boot, and getting around much better.  Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I will be out of the boot.

Also, complaints about my general smell are way down, about 37%.  Obvie, complaints about me smelling bad will never completely go away, but I will take the reduction.

Disney Cruise Line – New Ports

In other Disney news, the Disney Cruise Line announced some interesting  itineraries  this week including new ports of call in Hawaii and New Orleans.

The Hawaii cruises appear to generally sail from the west cost (Vancouver) to Hawaii (vice versa).  These cruises have multiple port days in a row (throughout Hawaii) followed by multiple sea days (or vice versa).

New Orleans appears to go to Mexico and a few other well known ports,  though there are only a handful of sailing dates.

Feature 5


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