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Hello Friends, and welcome to our new website!

Also welcome to our first blog on the new website, and the first blog I have written in quite some time. I plan on publishing blogs more frequently now that the new site is up, and will be sharing links on our facebook page when a new blog is up.

We have a lot to talk about, and let’s dive right into this dumpster fire.

This is the Worst

Let’s just be honest, this entire pandemic thing is truly terrible. Obviously no one signed up for this, and as a planet we are all hurting in some kind of way.

That being said, I am hopeful the worst is behind us.

I was visiting Disneyland the week everything started to shut down. There were rumors that Disney would be suspending park operations, and I just couldn’t imagine that happening. Well, unfortunately it did happen, and continues to happen.

I couldn’t see that coming then, but what I can see coming now is an eventual return to some kind of normalcy. It will happen folks, I don’t know when, but we will put this behind us.

This blog is going to cover the most frequent questions we have been receiving about the travel situation with Disney. Spoiler alert – the honest answer to the most common questions is “we don’t know yet.”


What is Roaming Mouse Travel Doing?

We have kept our approach to this situation relatively simple: We are doing whatever is best for our clients.

Whatever is the best “thing” for our clients, is what we are going to do.

If that means cancelling a trip, we cancel it. If that means rescheduling a trip 3 different times, we are doing that. We are sharing information as we get it, and keeping our clients fully aware of all of their options and potential options.

We focused on taking care of clients during this very difficult time.

Are you going out of business?


Roaming Mouse Travel is not going out of business.

Obviously, this is a tough time for the entire tourism industry with many impacted businesses and jobs.

While the pandemic has been financially terrible for our business, we are very fortunate in that this business is not how we pay our bills. Roaming Mouse Travel has always been our “fun side-gig,” not our primary source of income.

We are good.

When will Walt Disney World re-open?

We don’t know yet.

We can speculate about June since Disney is allowing guests to book hotel rooms for June and beyond. Though the simple truth is we won’t know until we know.

The other thing we don’t know for sure is what re-opening of the parks looks like – what kind of restrictions might there be? How long will these restrictions last?

While it is purely speculation on my part, I believe we will see some kind of re-opening in June. However, that re-opening will likely come with restrictions, which may make people re-think their trips. If fewer attractions or experiences are available, people may prefer to delay their trip until things are less restricted.

Speaking just for myself, I would never wear a mask while visiting any Disney park. That is not how I want to experience Disney Magic. If masks are required, I am confident some folks (including me) will opt out of trips (until such time they are no longer required).

I would consider wearing this as a mask.

What about the Cruise Line?

As with the Disney Parks, we don’t know for sure when Disney Cruise Line will resume operations. Disney Cruise Line is a very small part of the broader cruise industry, which will likely take longer to recover from the pandemic than general tourism.

Here I am with more speculation… Disney Cruise Line has cancelled cruises through June (including ours), and I suspect we will see more cancellations though mid-Summer. I am hopeful there will be ships sailing again later this year, hopefully later this summer or perhaps into the fall.

Future restrictions on cruising could be far more prohibitive than what we see in the parks, but here again I don’t know.

Will we get through this?

This I do know how to answer.

I don’t know when, but this storm too, shall pass.

This is not first calamity to strike this country (and the world), and it certainly will not be the last.

What I do know is that throughout human history we have collectively experienced numerous, wide scale disasters (like this one). We have recovered from each one before now, and we will recover from this one as well. We may yet still experience more isolation, economic pain, and tragic loss of life – though I am confident we will make it through this.

I would like to thank some people…

There are many people deserving of gratitude and thanks during this time…

Medical Professionals

We have found true heroes during the pandemic. I would like to thank all of the medical professionals are putting themselves at great risk on a daily basis to care for the sick. Thank you all for being awesome.


I would also like to thank Teachers (such as my wife). It is unfortunate that it took a pandemic for people to appreciate the incredibly difficult job you do on a daily basis, but I think they get it now.

Essential Workers (All of You)

Thank you to all essential workers. I wore a mask to go grocery shopping, and it was terrible. Meanwhile there are folks working the register at the grocery store who are wearing masks all day, and putting themselves at risk at the same time. I appreciate you being there to sell me food, and toilet paper (when I can find it). Seriously, thank you for showing up to work.

In conclusion…

Another thank you coming…. THANK YOU to our clients for continuing to support us during this tough time.  Planning a Disney vacation is not a priority for most people right now, and we completely get that. 

Though when it is time, and you are ready, we will be here for you. 

This is Us

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