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Roaming Mouse Travel, LLC is a travel planner specializing in selling Disney destinations.

Your family deserves a magical trip!

Did you know?

Walt Disney World employs over 70,000 people.

Did you know?

Disney's Animal Kingdom opened in 1998.

Did you know?

You cannot buy chewing gum in any Disney Park.

Adventure Awaits

Free Expert Travel Planning*


Book your vacation adventure with an expert Roaming Mouse Travel planner. Our planning services are free when you book your vacation package, and you get the same price as booking directly.*


Work with your Travel Planner to prepare and plan for your adventure. Your Travel Planner will help you navigate all aspects of planning your adventure, and will tailor a custom plan just for your trip.


Embark upon your adventure, confident and prepared, ready to make memories that will last a lifetime. Adventure well, returning home to tell your story.

Plan Your Adventure

Why Roaming Mouse Travel?

Roaming Mouse Travel is a boutique travel planner specializing in Disney Destinations and Universal Orlando. Our expert Travel Planners are  completely free for you to plan your adventure with, and you get the same price as booking directly.*

Let us handle it all!

We all know it takes time to plan a Disney vacation. We organize and coordinate with you throughout the process. We provide current information, so you don’t have to spend your time doing extensive research.


No two trips are the same. We realize that you are looking to us to help guide you to a magical adventure.


Don’t be overwhelmed by all the outdated information online. Get expert, up-to-date knowledge from a frequent traveler aimed at customizing your trip to your needs.


Thoughtful planning and careful consideration of the details for your adventure make all the difference!

Our planning services are FREE when you book a vacation package with one of our Travel Planners!

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